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On the site you will get to know the history of creation, development and achievements of our institution. This is a unique preserve-museum in Kazakhstan.

As Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, “The Great Otrar is the golden cradle of Kazakh civilization” is a treasure of our people, which goes deep into historical roots  and is one of the spiritual heritage of our people.

As noted by President N.A. Nazarbayev, «The Great Otrar is the golden cradle of Kazakh civilization», the ancient city of Otrar, the mausoleum of Saint Arystanbab, the teacher of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, is one of the treasures of our people and one of the spiritual values of our people.

The birthplace of the great thinker EastAbu Nasr al-Farabi, a region with a thousand-year history, rich in historical and cultural monuments glorifying the greatness of our nation.

There are many opportunities for the development of educational trips on the historical and cultural heritage of Turkestan and Otrar. One of the key issues is the development of tourism in the new regional centre, Turkestan.Today the main emphasis in the region is on creating favorable conditions for tourists on the route «Otrartobe – Arystanbab – Turkestan».

Elbasy in his article «Seven Faces of the Great Steppe» notes: «Interesting tourist project, which will partially restore a number of objects of the ancient city of Otrar – houses and streets, public places, water supply system, walls of city fortress and others. Based on this, we should pay special attention to the promotion of education and tourism development».

Otrar oasis with its millennial history, is rich in historical and cultural monuments that honour the greatness of our people. Otrar State Archaeological Preserve-museum has been working effectively for more than 40 years, contributing to the continuity of our ancestors, the development of our culture and prosperity.

Get acquainted with the site dedicated to the discovery of the latest news on the restoration and comprehensive scientific research of the main historical, cultural and architectural monuments of the country, as well as on archeology, ethnography and history.

I think that the news enriches the history of the country and contributes to the development of our civilization.

Best regards, museum director J.Makhashov