Mercy – the spiritual creed of the peoples of Kazakhstan

05.04.2019 0 By admin

In March 1, it was held a round table on the theme “Mercy – the spiritual creed of the peoples of Kazakhstan.” in Otrar state archaeological preserve-museum. The purpose of the event is to explain the students the meaning of Thanksgiving Day and strengthen friendship among different nationalities.

The event, held with the participation of students of the school-gymnasium S. Kaldayakov was organized at a high level. Pupils presented their prepared reports, read created poems, played the dombyra. The head of the library of the village Yntaly and the teacher of school after Sh. Kaldayakov Linova Lilia stressed the importance of friendship among the peoples of Kazakhstan and thanked all Kazakhstanis for supporting peace and well-being. In conclusion, the staff of the institution congratulated everyone on Thanksgiving Day and shared their point of views.