Kozeibayev Sapar Aliyaskaruly was born on February 8, 1974 in Kyzylorda He is married and has two children.

In 1996 graduated from faculty “History and Law” of Kyzylorda State University named by Korkyt ata;

In 1997-1999 a teacher of the secondary school №7 in Kyzylorda;

In 1999-2002 a senior scientific worker in the Excursion-mass department of of Kyzylorda historical and regional museum;

In 2002-2009 head of Korkyt ata museum in Karmakshy region;

In 2009-2014 chairman of peasant farm «Aliakbar ata», deputy of the Syrdarya regional maslikhat;

In 2014-2019 Director of MGI Kyzylorda regional Department of culture, archives and documentation on the protection of monuments of history and culture of the Kyzylorda region”

Since July 17, 2019, the acting director of the RSE “Otrar State archaeological  preserve-museum”